New and existing SEEN members can create, update or renew their membership and profile information on the Account Page.

Membership Benefits

Our goal is to make the SEEN a conduit for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations that believe in socially and environmentally sustainable practices. Your membership supports our efforts and provides the following benefits:

  • Discounted or free entry to SEEN events for all members.
  • SEEN informational, educational, and Green Drinks events are open to the public and attract a broad sustainability audience.
  • Well-run, well-attended events strengthen public awareness around sustainability and provide excellent networking and sponsorship opportunities.
  • SEEN members can leverage our network and marketing experience to host unique events to boost revenue, attract new customers or bring attention to your cause!
  • Educational events focused on applied learning and tangible skills to support the sustainability initiatives of our members.
  • List your profile in the SEEN Member Directory.
  • Showcase your contact information, interests, events, and sustainable efforts through our website, social media and member profile page.
  • Ability to directly post articles to the website and send out messages to the membership and our community mailing list subscribers (certain limitations apply).

Already a member?
Here are a few ways to maximize your SEEN membership value:

  • Create your profile on the SEEN website to increase your visibility.
  • Tell us what you are up to and we will spread the word through our social media channels.
  • Attend SEEN events and expand your network.
  • Sponsor and promote your organization at a SEEN event.
  • Let us know how we can help you in organizing and promoting your event.

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