Entrepreneur and Small Business Classes at Alternatives

2016 Fall & Winter Workshops and Events
Registration for workshops can be found at www.businesscents.org/training<http://email.alternatives.org/em?a=nAU68vpbnklR5pRtUifrHw&b=0vLpnLTq3kaqoA1yKIU9Xw>

Entrepreneur Panel Discussion*                                  Wednesday September 14th, 12-2:00pm
* at Tompkins County Library
Coffee Talk                                                                  Thursday September 15th, 8-9:30am
Choosing Your SEO Keywords                                    Thursday September 22nd, 12-1:30pm
When & Where To Use Your SEO Keywords              Thursday September 29th, 12-1:30pm

Getting People to Your Events                                   Thursday October 13th, 12-1:30pm
Defining Your Internet Marketing Strategy                   Wednesday October 19th, 12-1:30pm
Coffee Talk                                                                 Thursday October 20th, 8-9:30am
Becoming a Business Owner                                       Tuesday Oct 25, Nov 1 & 8 9-3:30pm
When to Hire a Social Media Specialist                        Wednesday October 26th, 12-1:30pm

Becoming a Business Owner                                       Tuesday Oct 25th, Nov 1st & 8th 9-3:30pm
Coffee Talk                                                                  Thursday November 17th, 8-9:30am

Your HR Toolkit*                                                          Wednesday December 7th, 9-4:00pm
*at Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce
Coffee Talk                                                                  Thursday December 15th, 8-9:30am

Register for workshops by visiting www.businesscents.org/training<http://email.alternatives.org/em?a=nAU68vpbnklR5pRtUifrHw&b=nhJFYQbdykGl5eUSLhIahA>. Contact Kathleen Clark, kclark@alternatives.org<mailto:kclark@alternatives.org>, with questions or requests for additional information.

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